Rules & Regulations


Provide bed sheet and pillow

Send extra clothes including socks, underwear, towels, napkins, diapers for the day.

Send toiletries such as soap , hand wash , sanitizer etc.

Write down any questions and send it in the bag you have to ask the supervisor.

Make sure your contact information is correct and up to date including an emergency contact person.

Make sure you inform staff of any issues your child may have such as sleep, allergies towards foods or any other, sickness, shyness etc.

Send an item of comfort from home for nap/quiet time.

Dress for the weather like raincoat, cap etc.

Call during the day to check on your child if you feel the need.

Reassure your child and discuss the new arrangement with them prior to drop off.

Discuss any issues you have right away.

Be on time for pickup.

Pack your child’s bag the night before or leave items at the center for day to day use.


Allow your child to bring toys from home. These often get lost or broken and can cause a very upset child.

Send foods with nuts. We are NUT free

Send your child in their best clothes

Send your child when he/she is ill